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Need web design for law firms?

Boost your law firm More Leads, Bookings and Sales

grow your law firm, attract new customers and close more cases with a stunning website for lawyers, and a super-smart lead system, and digital marketing that will get you more bookings and clients on autopilot

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How do we help law firms like yours grow fast?

We’re a web design and marketing agency that understands the challenges and opportunities you face as a law firm. We take a holistic and integrated approach to help you grow your law firm by attraction rather than just promotion using the best .

By creating a law firm website design that is visually stunning and eye-catching, conveys trust and credibility, Loads fast, compels visitors to take action, and is designed to generate leads and sales 24/7 on autopilot, we are able to get you the best results that website can get.


Contact us now to grow your law firm with a fantastic website and marketing machine that works for you on autopilot.

What's included in our law firm website design service?

  • A beautiful, modern, and responsive website design that’s custom-tailored to your law firm’s unique brand
  • High-converting copywriting that engages and compels visitors to take action
  • An email capture system to collect leads and prospect’s information
  • An intelligent booking system designed to help your visitors close appointments with you on autopilot
  • A lead generation system that turns website visitors into leads
  • A live chat system to engage and convert website visitors in real-time
  • An SEO-optimized website designed to help you rank higher on Google and get more traffic from organic search
  • Website maintenance and support plan to keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly

Here is the 5-step process we use to create the best website for lawyers

Part #1

Copywriting that sells

After a short interview, we will craft super engaging copy that will help you gain more customers, reach new markets, and close more cases by writing copy that conveys trust and proficiency and that is designed to generate leads and sales. This includes:

005 web hosting

killer sales copywriting

We will write killer sales copy for your entire website; this includes your Homepage, About, Contact, Popups, and Service pages.

008 video tutorial

Email Follow-Ups

We'll write seven email follow-up emails that will be sent automatically after your visitor interacts with you or downloads your E-Book

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Untitled design 4
gold ball
1 1
gold ball

Part #2

Website designing and programing

Your website will not be another online brochure! Instead, it will be a high-converting lead and sales generation machine that works for you 24/7 on autopilot to get you more leads, clients, and cases. This includes:

web design

eye-catching Design

We will create for you a fantastic custom-designed website that will convert visitors into paying customers.

web design


Increase conversions and boost your revenue by ensuring that your website is optimized for all mobile devices and has the best conversion rates possible.

014 portfolio

Search Engine Optimized

We will design and program your website with Search Engine optimization in mind so you can rank higher on Google and get more traffic.

011 testimonial


Prove to your visitors that you are the best in your field by displaying what people say about your services.

007 web maintenance

Management System

With an easy-to-use management system, you can easily add, edit or delete pages and articles.

012 desktop computer

Blog Posts

A blog system will allow you to publish and manage articles and company news easily and will help to promote you as an expert.

013 social marketing

Social Share

Make your content go viral. With Social Sare, your visitors will be able to share your content on social media networks.

015 chat

Whatsapp Chat

Quickly Increase your sales by allowing your visitors to contact you via WhatsApp.

Part #3

Get 3X - 10x More Leads using a unique lead system

We will implement an intelligent Lead Generation system that will leverage the latest online marketing techniques and combine them to create a lead-generating machine that will regularly get you more leads. This will include:

004 revision

Landing Page

A landing page will be designed specifically for driving and converting traffic by getting your visitors to download the E-book that we wrote for you.

web design

Popup System

We will create a high converting pop-up - which will quickly grab a visitor's attention and direct them towards downloading your ebook and joining your email list.

011 testimonial

Email automation

We'll set up an email system that will send automated emails, transforming them from cold leads into hot and ready-to-buy clients.

011 testimonial

A Smart booking system:

Your website will include an intelligent booking system that will make it easy for clients to book appointments with you. This will help increase your sales and close more cases.

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gold ball
1 1
gold ball

Part #4

Promote your website and know what your visitors are doing and what to improve

You will be able to get more sales and clients by using our AI driving SEO system and by retargeting visitors on google and Facebook by using the following systems.

016 seo

intelligent SEO System

We'll set up one of the most advanced SEO systems to help you rank your content and website using advanced AI and traditional systems.

016 seo

Google Submissions

we'll submit your website to Google and set up your google console to increase your website's visibility.

015 chat

Analytics System

We will set up, install and implement Google Analytics on your website, which will help you learn what is working and what needs to improve on your website.

015 chat

Google My Business

We'll set up your Google My Business account and optimize it for you to get more visibility and potential customers in your area.

015 chat

Tracking SYstem

Setting up a pixel tracking system that will allow you to track your visitors' progress and show them targeted ads on Facebook and Google.

Part #5

Web Care And Hosting plans

After your website launch - we continue to provide you with full-service hosting and web care plans that include:

005 web hosting

Hosting Plans

We offer website hosting on super-premium and super-fast servers that will get your website to work fast.

006 shield

High Security

Our web care plans include the added protection of SSL certification, essential for security and SEO; it also comes with extra anti-malware systems.

009 content management system

Ongoing Maintenance

All of our web care plans include constant maintenance and updates to the core system of your website is always working like a charm.

008 video tutorial

Content plans

We will take care of all your website content with our fantastic content plans, including blog posts and social media posts.

008 video tutorial

Video Tutorials

You get free access to our library of videos explaining how to run every aspect of your website.

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gold ball

What are the benefits of having your law firm's website designed by Digikor Media?

  • Focus on practicing law while your website works to get you leads and appointments on autopilot
  • Attract high-quality leads that are ready to buy your services
  • Increase traffic to your website from organic search with our SEO-optimized websites
  • Get a website that is designed to help you close more sales and grow your law firm rapidly

Here are some results you can excpect:

We helped law firms like yours be found online, close more deals buy using smart lead generation systems, get more cases by building a website that conveys trust, and grow their law firm to new levels.


% increase in Visibility


% increase in authority


% increase in retention

"The law is like a maze, and sometimes it seems like the only way out is to give up. But if you keep going, you will find your way through." -Anonymous

This is the level of design you can expect to get

Unfortunately, not every client will qualify for our services. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

online contacts

Don't wait to grow your law firm
Your new website is just a few clicks away.

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General Questions:

Depending on the type of website you need and the complexity of your project, turnaround times will vary. However, in most cases, we provide the following timing once we have received all of the content, feedback, and information from you:


  • Copywriting – The first draft of your copywriting will be ready between 8-16 business days from when our copywriter team will get all information needed to write the killer copy for your website. Please note that you will have ten business days to ask for edits and changes in the copywriting.
  • Building the website – In most cases designing and building the website, including implementing the lead system, automation, and email system, will take approximately 17-27 business days from you giving the ok on the copywriting until the delivery of the draft of your website.


However, Please note that the times above depend on how quickly you can provide us with the information we need and how fast you will respond to our updates and requests for feedback and input. While we do our best to accommodate every client with lightning-fast speed, we can only work as fast as you allow us to.

Your website can be whatever you want it to be. So, If you want to move some things around, Just let us know what you like us to do, and we will do it for you:

  • A textual change – if you have a web care package and it’s a small change that takes less than 10 minutes per month, we will do the change for free.  
  • For a design change – We will bill you according to our hourly rate ($99 Per Hour).
  • For new functionality – just Let us know what new functionality you need, and we will let you know how much it will cost. 

You can get your website to be accessible and avoid lawsuits and hefty fines by using a 3rd party company for $50/mo or $490 a year paid directly to the accessible company. Please note that a 3rd party provides this service, and digikor has no responsibility or liability for it; however, we offer to implement their solution for free on your website as a service to the community.

As a free service to our customers, we will add to the website GDPR functionality. However, we highly recommend hiring a lawyer to write all your legal documents for you.

Please note that Digikor Media will not be responsible or liable in any way or form for the functionality or any other legal aspect of the website.

The cost of a website depends on the size and complexity of the site. Therefore, we will give you a custom quote based on your specific needs.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for nonprofit organizations.

Yes, we offer payment plans for all of our services. We require a 60% deposit to begin work on your project, and the balance is due when the project is completed.

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