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5 Differences Between a Brochure Website and a Converting Website

A problem that a lot of business owners face is that they have spent time and money on building a website that doesn’t help them get customers, leads, and sales. Their websites might look good, but it doesn’t have the value that customers expect and the right tools in place to get the website visitors to leave their details or to purchase products.  Therefore it’s a waste of time and money.

In this article, we will discuss the main differences between a brochure website and a converting website. The former doesn’t help you or your business while the latter generates leads and sales for you on a regular basis. 

1. A brochure website is designed to just inform users, while a converting website is designed to get users to take action.

The primary purpose of a brochure website is just to provide information about a company. It is usually designed to get visitors to contact the company or request more information. And that’s just it—simple like an online brochure.

A converting website, on the other hand, is designed with the primary goal of generating leads for your business. It is more conversion-focused than a brochure website and contains forms and call-to-actions (CTAs) that encourage visitors to take action. Such action can be leaving their contact information, requesting a consultation or a free quote, or even making a purchase. 

For example, a converting website for an investment company might include a form that visitors can fill out to request more information. It can also have a live chat feature so that visitors can chat with a representative in real-time, it will also have a smart lead generation system with advanced automations that will generate for you new leads on a regular basis. However, a brochure website will not have these options. Instead, it will only feature information about the company and its investment offerings.

2. A converting website gives you more optimized content and copywriting than a brochure website.

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In digital marketing, content is king. This means that having unique, high-quality, interesting, and relevant content is a big part of how your website will convert your visitors into paying customers. Everything you write for your business—from the website and emails to social media and blog posts—needs to be written for your target customers if you want your website to convert. The problem is that if your web agency doesn’t provide you with content, or at least helps and guides you with copywriting that sells, your website simply won’t bring you any income.

Only a web agency that knows how to build converting websites will provide you with valuable content and copywriting that resonates with your clients. This will help you get more customers, reach new markets, and sell more services 

Some of the content you can get with an agency that are experts in converting website are:

  1. Sales copy for your entire website, including Homepage, About, Contact, Pop-Ups, and Service pages
  2. Blog posts that will show how much of an expert you are in your industry
  3. A valuable ebook that your visitors will want to download by signing up to your email list
  4. Testimonials to show your visitors that you are the best in your field

The difference between a brochure website and a converting website, in general is that with a brochure website, you certainly wouldn’t be able to increase your sales and generate more leads for your business. That is why a converting website, which tends to have more dynamic content that frequently changes as new offers become available, is much better. 

3. A converting website offers a unique lead system but a brochure website doesn’t.

Lead generation is the process of finding people who are interested in your product or service and getting them to buy it. The goal is to lead prospects to the end of the sales funnel and make a purchase or even close a deal.

If you get a brochure website that does not offer a lead generation system, you will not have any “leads” that sales can follow up on. However, if you get a converting website, you will get an intelligent lead generation system that uses the latest online marketing techniques and combines them to make a lead-generating machine that regularly gets you up to 10 times more leads.

This lead generation system of a converting website will include first and foremost a free or a low-price offer (like a cheat sheet or an Ebook) that your visitors can get for free or for a very low price,  optimized pop-ups that get people to download your ebook and sign up for your email list. It will also include an email system that will send automated emails that will turn your leads into ready-to-buy customers. 

4. A sales converting website has more landing pages than a brochure website. 

landing pages and lead generation

Did you know that companies who raise the number of their website’s landing pages see a 55% increase in leads?

Landing pages are standalone web pages designed to promote a specific offer, product, or service. They typically include a unique sales pitch and call-to-action (CTA) and are intended to drive conversions.

Since converting websites are designed to funnel users towards taking a specific action, whether making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a white paper, they have more landing pages than brochure websites. These landing pages are designed specifically for driving and converting traffic.

If you get a brochure website for your business, you will get the same static, boring pages that will not convince your visitors to take the action you want them to take. However, if you get a converting website, your website will be built in a “landing page” style which will get your visitors to focus on what you are saying, speak about their struggles, and show how your services or products can help them solve their problem and achieve their goals. 

Landing pages are the most important part of an inbound marketer’s efforts to get leads. So it’s important to make good use of it. And you will only get that if you get an agency that will build a converting website for you.

5. With a converting website, you can measure your return on investment (ROI), but not with a brochure website.

Another difference between a brochure website and a converting website is that you cannot measure your ROI with the former. Since brochure websites have no functionalities and conversion features in place it becomes very hard to measure how well your website is helping your business grow. You get minimal to no interactions with your customers, so how can you measure your ROI?

However, with a converting website, you can measure your ROI. Since its main goal is for your business to generate leads and make more sales, there are some metrics to measure digital marketing ROI that you can employ. You can compare how your content marketing, SEO, email marketing automation, and social media affect your ability to bring in new customers through your converting website. This will help you figure out which activities are worth the most time and money. 

Get a Converting Website from Digikor Media

Are you a service provider who has the drive to grow and get more sales? If you are, then get your business a converting website from Digikor Media. We have a great all-inclusive converting website design, marketing system, and ongoing support service that will ensure your website brings you 3 to 10 times more clients than a brochure website.

So if you want to transform your business, receive top-notch customer service, generate a lot of sales, contact us at 917-720-3446 and give your business a converting website.

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