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Five reasons why your business must have a website

Like it or not, the world has changed. Every day the Internet takes up another slice of our lifestyle, and the trend seems to stay.

The consumer prefers to look for recommendations and information at the touch of a button, rather than reading through a printed business directory. Reality has changed; consumer culture has changed.

The question is, Did you change your business marketing strategy accordingly? Alternatively, are you just continuing to post small ads in your local newspaper and hope customers come?

Well, here are five reasons why even you should have a website:

If you have a business, but you do not have a website, you are missing out on great opportunities for your business. Building a smart and converting website can help you grow your business and generate new leads and sales that your business or organization needs so much.

Reason # 1: Best first impression

When customers hear about you or your business, the first step that they will do is to search for you online, and when they do so, the search results must make a positive impression.

Imagine this: David is looking for an electrician to fix some problems in his house. His friends recommend using you and one other electrician. David searches for you online and doesn’t find any information about you, or finds a Facebook or Instagram page.

Then he searches for your competition, and he finds a well-built website with calls to action, Important tips and articles, recommendations, and more.

What business do you think he will call first? You know the answer.  Remember this rule: “There is no second chance to create a first impression” and if you want to create the best impression possible you need to have a great-looking and converting website.

Reason # 2: A website shows reliability

Following the first reason, customers are looking to reinforce that they can trust the person/company/organization that they are checking out.

A well-built website serves this purpose. In the eyes of the modern customer, A good website gives a sense of seriousness and reliability and negates the possibility that your business is amateur and or temporary.

Think about the big players in any field. Do you think that they would be able to thrive and grow if they wouldn’t have a website? The answer is no!

So, if you want to show your clients that you are reliable and serious about your business, you definitely would want to get a website that is built correctly.

Reason # 3: Best catalog, portfolio and showcase option

How many times have you talked to a customer who asked for testimonials/examples of your work? What is more convenient than directing them to your website to view your catalog and get more information?

In the past, when sales agents and business owners would go out to meetings, they would go out with a full portfolio of goodies: brochures, product catalogs, photo albums, etc.

When a new product arrived or when they wanted to change some details on the catalog, they needed to print everything again and then again when something else changed, this was a tiring and daunting task to do and hurt the productivity of every business, and I am not even talking about the costs and the other limitations that every company had working this way.

With a good website, and an easy backend management system, you can forget all of that hard work. After you get your new website, all you need to do is to log in to the site’s management system, add or edit your product or portfolio, and you are done!

The less work that you have when owning a website is only one benefit that you get with your website, The second and even better reason is, that now all of your work, services, and showcases, are accessible to any potential client from their office, the living room sofa, and every other place in the world.

Reason # 4: It’s the most convenient way to keep your customers informed.

Planning to change to a new location? Maybe you want to change the opening hours of your business? – To have a successful business, you need to keep your customer’s up to date with every change that you do in your business.

Also, A website makes it easier for the customer to contact you, by adding to the site different contact options, like chat, contact forms, etc. The easier it is to get to you, the chances are that you will make much more sales, and get much more leads.

Reason # 5: Because your site is always available, even outside of business hours

The customer can access the information every day, every hour. The website works 24/7 (unless otherwise defined), providing the information the customer needs 24 hours a day, regardless of business hours.

A client who vacates only late at night will probably not dial us to ask a question, so the information should be accessible to him. The site answers this need in the best possible way.

In summary: a good website, is a must in today’s reality. It provides so many benefits, from establishing the status of the business and its brand, along with giving great information that is available to the customer and saves us much time and unnecessary explanations that are repeated in every conversation with every potential customer

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