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How to GET NEW CLIENTS and grow your sales 3X-10X using your WEBSITE AND A FULL lead generation AUTOMATION SYSTEM that works for you 24/7?

Get now a complete 360° website design solution that will boost your  sales and conversions like crazy using the following five steps:

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what will i get with this web design and lead generation offer and how will it help me grow my business, get loyal customers and more sales?

With the simple understanding that brochure-type websites are a waste of time and money, we came up with a great all-inclusive website design, marketing system and ongoing support service that will ensure your website brings you 3X-10X more clients than a brochure type website, Here is what we offer:

Part #1

Copywriting that sells like crazy

In this step after a short interview, we will provide you with copy that will help you gain more customers, reach new markets, and sell more products by writing customer-focused killer copy that will help you get more sales and clients.

killer sales copywriting

we will write killer sales copy for your entire website, this includes your Homepage, About, Contact, Popups and Service pages


We will craft, write and design a E-book full of value so your visitors will want to download it by signing up to your email list

Email Follow-Ups

Don't worry about follow-up as we will write 7 emails that will be sent automatically after the client sends a message or download your E-Book


Part #2

Website designing and programing

Your website will not be another online brchoure! rather it will be a vibrent marketing machine that will work 24/7 on growing your business X10, Here is some of the benefits that you will get on your website:

eye-catching Design

We will create for you an amazing custom designed website that will convert visitors into paying customers.


Your website will be designed to increase conversions and boost your revenue by ensuring that it is optimized for all mobile devices and has the best conversion rates possible.

Portfolio System

Show off the projects you've worked on and the skills you have, with a portfolio system.


Prove to your visitors that you are the best in your field by displaying what people are saying about your services.

Management System

With an easy to use management system, you can easily add, edit or delete pages and articles

Blog Posts

With a blog system, you will be able to easily publish and manage articles and company news

Social Share

Make your content go viral. With Social Sare, your visitors will be able to share your content to social media networks.

Whatsapp Chat

Easily Increase your sales by allowing your visitors to contact you via WhatsApp.

Part #3

Get 3X - 10x More Leads using an amazing lead system

We will implement a smart Lead Generation systems that leverage the latest online marketing techniques and combined them to create a lead generating machine that will get you 3x -10x more leads on a regualr basis.

Landing Page

The landing page is designed specifically for driving and converting traffic by getting your visitors to download the E-book that we worte for you.

Popup System

We will create a high converting pop up - which will quickly grab a visitor's attention and direct them towards downloading your ebook and joining your email list.

Email automation

An email system that will send automated emails to people who downloaded your E-book transforming them from cold leads into hot and ready to buy clients.

Part #4

Promote your website and know what your vistiors are doing and what to improve

You will be able to get more sales and clients by using the AI driving SEO system and retargeting visitors on google and facebook after we set up a smart pixel and analytics system to identify what marketing channels bring you the most customers or leads

SEO System

We'll set up one of the most advanced SEO systems to help you rank your content and website using advanced AI and traditional systems.

Google Submissions

we'll submit your website to Google and set up your google console to increase your website's visibility right off the bat.

Analytics System

We will set up, install and implament Google Analytics on your website that will help you learn what is working and what needs to imporove on your website

Google My Business

We will set up, install and implament google analytics on your website that will help you learn what is working and what needs to imporove on your website

Tracking SYstem

Setting up a pixel tracking system that will give you the ability to track your visitors' progress, and show them targeted ads on Facebook and Google

Part #5

Web Care And Hosting plans

We are here for you after your grand website launch - we continue to provide you with full service hosting and web care plans that include:

Hosting Plans

We offer website hosting on super premium and super-fast servers that will get your website to work fast

High Security

Our web care plans include the added protection of SSL certification which is important for security and SEO, It also comes with extra anti malware systems.

Ongoing Maintenance

All of our web care plans include constant maintenance and updates to the core system of your website your website is always working like a charm

Content plans

With our amazing content plans we will take care of all your websites content including blog posts and soical media posts

Video Tutorials

You get free access to our library of videos explaining how to run every aspect of your website.


Who is this service suitable and not sutible for?

Unfortunately, not every client will qualify for our services. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

The service is sutiable for you if:


This service is tailor-made only for service providers like lawyers, Doctors, Mechanics, Accountants, and any other type of service providers

You have the drive to grow and get more sale

This service is for you If you have the drive to succeed and are ready to put in the time and effort to see your business grow with more clients and sales

You ready to participate in the proccess

In order to work we need your commitment to be responsive and providing the details we need to build your website and marketing machine

You want a website that will bring you sales

This service is for you only if you understand that a brochure website maybe looks nice but will not give you the conversions and sales you need to grow your business

The service is not sutiable for you if:


If you sell products online, need a listing website, or a news website, you can see our dedicated pages for the service you need, however, this service is not for you.

You don't have a drive to grow your business

This service is for you If you have the drive to succeed and are ready to put in the time and effort to see your business grow with more clients and sales

You not ready to participate in the proccess

We will do 90% of the work for you, but if you can't commit to answering questions and providing feedback as needed, we won't be able to accept you as a client.

You don't care about sales and conversions

If you are just looking for a cheap brochure website, and don't care about sales and conversion, We recommend you find another company

Thank you and love letters from our amazing clients


Transformed Our Business
The team at Digikor Media built us an amazing website with automations and a lead system that helped us transform our business and grow our sales. The team was understanding of what we needed, attentive to our feedback and delivered on their promises. Highly recommend!
Eyal Peled
Founder & CEO
Top Nocth Customer Service
I have been using Digikor Media for over a year and I must say their customer service is top notch! They built us a wonderful website that improved our business immensely. It's not just the design, but it's the copywriting & email marketing automation that really helped us grow our business. I would recommend them to any business!
Chaim Raidel
Founder & CEO
generate a lot of sales
We hired Digikor Media to design our website and create a lead system and their work was just amazing. They created a website that met all of our needs, was aesthetically pleasing, and helped us generate a lot of sales. They were also really helpful in teaching us how to use our new site so we can manage it on our own.
Founder & CEO

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General Questions:

Depending on the type of website you need and the complexity of your project, turnaround times will vary ,However, in most cases, we provide the following timing once we have received all of the content, feedback, and information from you:

  • Copywriting – The first draft of your copywriting will be ready between 8-16 business days from when our copywriter team will get all information needed to write the killer copy for your website, please note that you will have 10 business days to ask for edits and changes in the copy.
  • Building the website – In most cases desiging and buildign the website including implamentig the lead system, automations and email system will take approximately 17-27 business days from you giving the ok on the copywriting until the delivery of the draft of your website.

However, Please note that the times above depend on how quickly you can provide us with the information we need as well as how fast you will respond to our updates and requests for feedback and input.
While we do our best to accommodate every client with lightning-fast speed, we can only work as fast as you allow us to.

Your website can be whatever you want it to be. 

So, If you want to move some things around, Just let us know what you want us to do and we will do it for you:

  • A textual change: if you have a web care package and  it’s a small change tjat takes less than 10 minutes per month, we will do the change for free.  
  • For a design change: We will bill you according to our hourly rate ($99 Per Hour).
  • For new functionality: Let us know what new functionality you need and we will let you know how much it will cost. 

Each one of our price models has a different contract period that you are obligated to.

When your contract is over you can decide if you wish to continue to pay and enjoy our excellent service, hosting, and maintenance or if you want to stop your payments and move your website elsewhere.

If you decide to stop your payments we will provide you with the full backup files of the website for no extra cost so you can move it to any hosting you wish to move it to.

Here are the contract periods according to your payment plan.

  • Yearly Plan – 12-month contract
  • Quarterly Plan – 24-month contract
  • Month to Month Plan – 36-month contract

You can get your website to be accessible and avoid lawsuits and hefty fines by using a 3rd party company for $50/mo or $490 a year paid directly to the accessible company. Please note that this service is provided by a 3rd party and digikor has no responsibility or liability for this service, however, as a service to the community, we offer to implement their solution for free on your website.

As a free service to our customers, we will add to the website GDPR functionality and also a privacy policy, terms of conditions, and cookie consent, However, we highly recommend that you hire and lawyer to write for you all your legal documents and that under no circumstance, Digikor Media will be responsible nor liable in any way or form for the functionality or any other legal aspect of the website.

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